Are Latch Hook Projects The Same As Punch Needle Projects?

A walk through any craft store will either give you the inspiration for starting new crafts or in some cases may leave you feeling a bit confused.

If you have decided that you want to make some sort of rug or wall hanging, you may be asking are latch hook projects the same as punch needle projects.  The simple answer to this question is no, they are not.  While they both may appear to be similar in some respects, there are many differences between the two.

In this article is latch hook projects the same as punch needle I will compare the similarities and differences between the two.  Hopefully, this will help give you a better idea on which to choose in your crafting journey.

What Is The Main Difference Between Latch Hook And Punch Needle Projects?

The main difference between a latch hook and a punch needle is the way that the loops are pulled through the fabric.

In latch hooking the tool pulls the yarn loops up through the work creating a fluffy looking rug.  However, punch needle pushes the yarn loops down into the canvas which creates a different look entirely.

However, the finished project will look great on either latch hook or punch needle.  It depends on the look that you are hoping to accomplish.  A fluffy look or a look that is a bit flatter.

Is Latch Hook Or Punch Needle Easier?

With taking up any new craft there is always a learning curve in the beginning.  This is the case for both latch hooking and punch needle projects. 

Once you get past the learning curve and get the hang of it you will find that both are an easy and relaxing craft to do.

However, while I find that latch hooking is easier than punch needle some believe that punch needle is easier.  In punch needle you do not have to worry yourself with making sure that the yarn is all the same height.  In latch hooking the yarn is usually kept at the same height.

Do I Need To Purchase A Kit For Latch Hook Or Punch Needle Projects?

Because there are specific tools needed whether you decide to take up a latch hook project or punch needle project, purchasing a kit is a great idea.

Whichever you choose to do both types of kits will come with everything that you will need to get you started.

The benefit of purchasing a kit is that it saves you from having to go around the craft store picking up bits and bobs of this and that.  Another great thing about the kits is they come with instructions.  I always find that helpful in beginning a new craft.

So, if you are just beginning with latch hook or a punch needle project, I highly recommend you purchase a kit.  These come in various designs, patterns and colors and can be found easily online or in most craft stores.

What Is The Difference In Tools For Latch Hook And Punch Needle Projects?

While both latch hook and punch needle use yarn that is where the similarity ends.  The materials and tools are different between the two crafts.  The tool to attach the yarn is different for both latch hook and punch needle.  In punch needle projects you need tools that you do not need for latch hook.

Below I will compare the materials between the two to highlight the differences.

·         Latch Hook Tool/Punch Needle Tool

One main difference is in the tool that is used.  The latch hook tool is just that.  It is a hook with a latch used to pull the yarn up through the canvas.

The punch needle is a metal tube that is hollow with a pointed needle at the end that pierces the fabric.  You also need a needle threader when doing punch needle.

·         Canvas/Fabric

Another difference between the two is the canvas or fabric that is used.  These materials are quite different.

For latch hooking you use a canvas.  This canvas is made of a stiff cotton fabric.  It is a grid with square holes that are large enough for the hook, forming knots.

You cannot use a punch needle on a canvas. In punch needle you use a fabric, or cloth.  The material used for punch needle projects are burlap, monks cloth, rug warp or linen.

·         Embroidery Hoop

When doing punch needle, you will also need an embroidery hoop to hold your fabric in place while you work.  However, in latch hook projects you do not need this embroidery hoop.

In punch needle the fabric needs to be held tight in place which is the purpose of this embroidery hoop.  For a latch hook you do not need to hold the whole canvas in place.  Latch hook works on each individual square rather than a whole piece of fabric.

·         Yarn

While both projects use yarn there is a difference here as well. 

In latch hook you use small individual strands of yarn.  One piece of yarn per square.  You will find multiple pieces of pre-cut yarn in various colors.  Or if you prefer you can also cut your own yarn.

In punch needle you do not use small pieces of individually cut yarn.  You thread the punch needle with yarn work with a long strand of yarn.

What Is The Difference To The Look Of The Finished Project?

In latch hook because yarn is tied onto the canvas upwards it gives it a fluffy and colorful look. 

Punch hooking in contrast, the yarn is weaved through the fabric giving it a raised look without the fluff. 

However, although both looks are different both methods provide a beautiful texture with various colors.

Can Both Latch Hook And Punch Needle Projects Be Hung On The Wall?

The simple answer to this is yes, they can.  Both projects can be used in various ways.  You can use them as a wall hanging, a small rug, or turn them into pillows and cushions.

You can do both projects in various sizes and colors to get the look that you are after.

Both latch hook projects and punch needle projects are a great way to add a bit of a personal decoration to your home.  The great thing is they both look great no matter where you display them.

Final Thoughts

As you can see while both latch hook projects, and punch needle projects are similar in that they both use yarn they are quite different.

Besides the finished look the difference is in the tools that are needed.

In latch hook projects you only need the yarn, canvas and latch hook tool.

In punch needle projects you need the punch needle, needle threader, fabric you choose, an embroidery hoop and yarn.

One similarity between the two is that they both are easy to do.  Both can be done while relaxing in front of the TV. 

Another thing is that they both look great.  The finished project will leave you not only feeling accomplished but will leave you with a great decoration.

Both of these finished projects make great gifts for someone.  With the different kits out there, you can find one that someone will enjoy.  There are cat designs for the cat lovers, other animal designs, and various color patterns that can be done.

I hope this article “Are Latch Hook Projects The Same As Punch Needle Projects?” has been helpful in helping you choose the option that is right for you.  If in doubt purchase one of each and see which you like the best.  You won’t be disappointed.  With a little practice you find both to be easy and relaxing.

Let me know which one is your favorite between latch hook and punch needle down in the comments below.

Let’s share and learn together.

Happy Crafting!

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